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The Arcana, choose your romance
The Arcana, fall in love
The Arcana, uncover their secrets
The Arcana, solve the mystery
The Arcana, unlock alternate paths
The Arcana, pick your pronouns
The Arcana, collect artwork
The Arcana, immerse yourself in The Arcana
Absolutely amazing! Such a beautiful storyline and description and the characters are so well thought out! Don't even mention how BEUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS THE ART IS OMG :D I also love how you can change and update your name and pronouns, my favorite game EVER!!


God, it's amazing. The art and everything, the story and characters. I finished Julian's story, both endings, and I'm not one bit disappointed with either. I am completely attached to him and it's surprising how you managed to do that. The story is amazing and I completely recommend it


I’m not normally a fan of visual novels, particularly romance ones, but this one is amazing—the story, the visuals, the music all really make this game stand out. In addition to being LGBTQ+ friendly with an intriguing cast of characters.



About The Arcana

You’re a young prodigy tarot card reader, who has been learning the magical arts from your mentor - Asra. A mysterious figure appears who wishes to speak to your mentor. You propose a tarot card reading instead.

They’re intrigued by your reading and offer you an invitation to the Palace, but for a price - you must uncover the mystery of their murdered partner.


You’re thrown into a thick mystic interactive story and dating simulation, where you’ll rendezvous with many sultry characters on your path to unravel the mystery.

Each character has many hidden secrets which you’ll discover through your choices. Be careful, your decisions and who you choose to romance will impact more than just yourself!

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Main Characters

The Arcana, Asra the Magician Biography.
The Arcana, Julian Devorak Biography.
The Arcana, Nadia Satrinava Biography.
The Arcana, Count Lucio Biography.
The Arcana, Muriel the Outsider Biography.
The Arcana, Portia Devorak Biography.