Potions Please FAQ




✦ What is Potions Please?

Potions Please is a resource management game for iOS & Android set in the world of Thessalia. You, the player, run a Potion Truck and by taking orders, gathering ingredients, and making potions, you help the residents of Thessalia while leveling up from Apprentice to Potion Master.

You can download the game for free:
✦ App Store (iOS)
✦ Google Play (Android)

An internet connection is needed to play.
Potions Please is developed by Nix Hydra Games.

✦ Why can't I find Potions Please?

Potions Please is a new game for Nix Hydra, and we want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. To do this, we've opted to temporarily limit the audience that can access the game. This makes it easier for us to see potential issues and fine-tune the experience before we make the game available in more regions. Don't worry, though! We're very proud of Potions Please and are working to make it available to you as quickly as possible!


✦ Is this a standalone game? How much does it cost?

Potions Please is a standalone game. It’s free to play with optional in-app purchases.

✦ Will Potions Please ever be translated into additional languages?

While it's our goal to make Potions Please available to as many people as possible, we have not at this time announced additional languages. If we decide to add this feature, it will be announced on our social media pages.



✦ How do I save my game?

Saving data is done automatically to the device you’re playing on. If you’d like access to your game progress on multiple devices, link your account to your Facebook/Google Account. To ensure your data is safe, please go to the Settings within the app . From there, the option to link to Facebook and/or Google is available. Once you've linked an account, no further steps are needed! Your data is backed up going forward.

✦ How do I transfer my data to a new device?

Make sure your previous device is linked to either Facebook or Google through the Settings option within the app . Once this is done, open the app on your new device and link the same Facebook or Google account. Upon doing so, your data will be restored.

✦ How do I reset my game?

There is no option to reset the data within your game. If you wish to erase all data, including all purchases, progress, and items unlocked, please contact us at potionsplease@nixhydragames.com. This option may be provided on a case-by-case basis.



✦ Will there be any expansions in Potions Please? 

Yes! Potions Please expansions are currently in development!  Be sure to have your Push Notifications turned on the app to hear about updates right away!


✦ My game keeps crashing!

Please make sure your game is up to date, with all the latest bug fixes and adjustments. If you are on an Android device, clear out your game’s cache. On an iOS device, we recommend reinstalling the app. If your account was connected to Facebook/Google, your information will not be lost, and you can pick up where you left off once your game is properly functioning. As a last resort, try powering your phone off and then back on again.


✦ I didn’t receive my purchase!

 If you didn’t get your purchase, please contact us at potionsplease@nixhydragames.com. Be sure to include your Player ID (listed in the settings of the game), as well as the receipts for your purchase. We’ll work to provide your purchase to you as quickly as possible.

✦ Is it possible to transfer data between iOS and Android devices?

Yes! If you save your data to a Facebook or Google account through the in-app Settings page, then you can retrieve that data on any device with which Potions Please is compatible.