Naomi Bio

Naomi Ladizinsky is the Co-Founder & CCO of Nix Hydra, the world's only purveyor of eggcentric apps backed by both teenage girls and venture capitalists.  Nix Hydra's hit virtual pet game Egg Baby has over 9 million downloads, and the company has over $5.6M in funding.

At Nix Hydra, Naomi oversees creative direction, idea generation, and pun management.  Her daily tasks range from designing social systems to drawing costumes for eggs.  She excels at puzzle solving and being maybe a little too competitive.

"What part of pizza costume don't you understand?!"

"What part of pizza costume don't you understand?!"

Before Nix Hydra, Naomi worked at Machinima, where she directed, produced and edited digital content. She also went to Yale where she was in House Gryffindor. She hails from the enchanted forests of Portland, Oregon.

Naomi is also a sometimes pageant judge, most recently the America's Man of the Year pageant in Las Vegas, and an undefeated pumpkin carving contest winner. Her favorite games include Professor Layton, Civilization, Katamari Damacy, and Portal 2.

Naomi has known her Co-founder, Lina Chen, for almost a decade.  They currently live on the same block in Los Angeles, CA, and only sometimes annoy each other.