Lina Bio

Lina with some business plans

Lina with some business plans

Lina Chen is the Co-founder & CEO of Nix Hydra, the world's only purveyor of eggcentric apps backed by both teenage girls and venture capitalists.  

Lina manages company strategy, hiring, and ca$h money. She also serves in a range of roles that need filling including marketing, analytics and filling out forms for the government. She is also a major contributor of egg puns and wacky ideas.

Previously, Lina negotiated international mobile deals for Grooveshark, a streaming music startup, and worked at the William Morris Agency, one of the largest entertainment agencies in the world.  Lina graduated from Yale and was definitely not in House Slytherin.  Her hobbies are not having hobbies cause "who has time for hobbies?"  Lina's favorite games include Sim City, Scorched Earth, Orca Slap, and Burrito Bison.

Lina has known her Co-founder, Naomi Ladizinsky, for almost a decade.  They currently live on the same block in Los Angeles, CA, and only sometimes annoy each other.