✦ How do you play FictIf?

FictIf is a collection of romantic visual novels for iOS & Android that span the genre from supernatural to mysterious and beyond. You, the player, are the star of each story, living out an adventure full of unexpected twists, turns, and maybe even love.


✦ Can I change my choices in the game?

At any time after you completed a chapter, you can select a previous chapter to re-read. You can replay chapters that you previously played but your choices will not be saved unless you purchased a premium option or you reset the story.

✦ How is the ending of my character story determined?

As you play through a story, certain choices you make will contribute to the path you take. Some choices may take effect immediately, while others may resonate down the line. Think carefully, as each choice is permanent unless you reset your entire character route and start fresh all over again.

✦ Is this a standalone game? How much does it cost?

The game is free to play, but some bonus content is available via in-game purchases. Each story has two different endings that are based on the choices you make in each story. The ending that you see is not determined by how much money you spend in the game. 

✦ Where is my avatar/character in the story?

We took a different approach to our storytelling as we wanted our game players to be a part of the story. We want our game players to feel like FictIf characters are developing a relationship directly with you, the game player. Thus, there is no avatar system in FictIf.

✦ Do paid choices mean the game is pay-to-win? If I pay for a choice once, do I have to pay for the same choice again when replaying?

The game is not pay-to-win. Star choices are essentially bonus content meant to enhance/supplement your experience! They will not determine whether you get a "good" or "bad" ending. Star choices are a permanent unlock. 


✦ How do I earn more stars?

You can purchase more stars or earn them for free in the "Rewards" center. Stars are available for free in three different ways:

✦ Daily Login Bonus - Updated in a 24 hour period.

✦ Multiple Daily Visits - Earn more stars by playing FictIf more multiple days.

✦ Watch Ads - Earn stars by watching video ads from our partners. Please note that our ad partners do not have video ad inventory available 100% of the time in every country and/or every day. 

✦ Complete New Chapters - Earn stars for completing new chapters.

✦ Will FictIf ever be translated into additional languages?

While it's our goal to make FictIf available to as many people as possible, we have not at this time announced additional languages. As you can see, the game is very text heavy and will require a lot of time to convert the English version to other languages. Our team decided to launch the game worldwide so everyone had access to the game then only make it available in those countries that speak English.