✦ Will more stories be added to FictIf?

Yes! FictIf is a limitless world of storytelling possibilities, and you never know what romantic adventure could be in store. In the future, we hope to add not just new stories, but new romantic interests and routes to existing games! Careful readers may notice a few characters already waiting for their chance at romance.... Watch our social media channels for announcements of any new stories, and be sure to have your Push Notifications turned on the app to hear about updates right away!

✦ How do I know which characters or stories are being updated?

If you follow us on social, we announce which stories and characters will be launched the following month. 

✦ Why does it take so long to launch a new chapter?

Each of the stories have different writers and artists and different team sizes who each work at a different pace. In addition, we create original artwork which takes longer to create. We appreciate your patience.