✦ Save your game progress

Saving your game  data is done automatically after you've linked your account to your Apple/Facebook/Google Account. To ensure your data is safe, please go to the Settings within the app (the gear symbol at the top of the page). From there, the option to link to Apple, Facebook and/or Google is available. Once you've linked an account, no further steps are needed! Your data is backed up going forward. IMPORTANT: If you play FictIf on multiple devices, please login with the identical linked account on each device so your progress is not erased.

✦ How do I transfer my data to a new mobile device?

Make sure your previous device is linked to either Apple, Facebook or Google through the Settings option within the app (the gear symbol at the top of the page). Once this is done, open the app on your new device and link the same Apple, Facebook or Google account. Upon doing so, your data will be restored. IMPORTANT: It is critical to login with the same login on all devices to ensure your progress is not erased.

✦ Can I link both my The Arcana and FictIf accounts?

You can link your accounts but it is critical that you use the same identical Apple/Google/Facebook login on all your devices and apps to make sure your game progress is not erased! This is really important.


✦ I lost my data!

Please contact us immediately at with a report of how your data was lost. Please also include the following information:

✦ Your Player ID (Found under settings)

✦ The email address associated with the Facebook/Google account you linked to the app

✦ The device on which you most recently played the game

While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we will do everything in our power to preserve your story and experience.​

✦ How do I reset my game?

There is a "Restart Route" button for each character in FictIf. You can restart the character route which means all of your character progress will be erased and you can start from the beginning again.​ Please note by resetting your character route, this will not affect other character routes. In addition, all premium choices you have purchased in this route will always be saved and not erased.

✦ Is it possible to transfer data between iOS and Android devices?

Yes! If you save your data to a Apple, Facebook or Google account through the in-app Settings page, then you can retrieve that data on any device with which FictIf is compatible. It is critical that you use the identical Apple, Facebook or Google account on multiple devices!