FictIf FAQ




✦ What is FictIf?

FictIf is a collection of romantic visual novels for iOS & Android that span the genre from supernatural to mysterious and beyond. You, the player, are the star of each story, living out an adventure full of unexpected twists, turns, and maybe even love.

You can download the game for free:

App Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

FictIf is developed by a small team at Nix Hydra Games.

✦ What is happening to The Arcana?

Your support of The Arcana has allowed Nix Hydra to grow and add more creators to the team! With that in mind, we wanted to invest that opportunity into telling even more stories for you to experience. As FictIf's creators are a separate crew, The Arcana's development will not be affected.

✦ Is this a standalone game? How much does it cost?

Each story in FictIf is free to play, but some bonus content is available via in-game purchases. Each story is updated serially—be sure to turn on your push notifications to be alerted when the new content launches!


✦ Do paid choices mean the game is pay-to-win? If I pay for a choice once, do I have to pay for the same choice again when replaying?

The game is not pay-to-win and paid choices do not affect the path your romance takes with your love interest. Coin choices are essentially bonus content meant to enhance/supplement your experience! They will not determine whether you get a "good" or "bad" ending. If you purchase a premium choice with stars, it is always unlocked for you in the game including if you replay the chapter again.


✦ Do I get to choose a character route, or will my route be determined by choices made in the prologue?

You can freely choose a character route after finishing the prologue. Your choices in any story’s prologue do not affect which character you can romance. Also, you can play multiple separate romance routes at the same time! Different routes are treated like different save files, and will not impact each other. Follow your one true love, or take a more open approach to romance. 


✦ What does the protagonist look like?

The protagonist in each story has no official design, gender, name, etc. They will never be depicted in the game, and you are free to imagine them however you wish.

✦ Will FictIf ever be translated into additional languages?

While it's our goal to make FictIf available to as many people as possible, we have not at this time announced additional languages. If we decide to add this feature, it will be announced on our social media pages.



✦ How do I save my game?

Saving data is done automatically after you've linked your account to your Facebook/Google/Apple Account. To ensure your data is safe, please go to the Settings within the app . From there, the option to link to Facebook, Apple and/or Google is available. Once you've linked an account, no further steps are needed! Your data is backed up going forward.

✦ How do I transfer my data to a new device?

Make sure your previous device is linked to either Apple, Facebook or Google through the Settings option within the app . Once this is done, open the app on your new device and link the same Apple, Facebook, or Google account. Upon doing so, your data will be restored. It is critical that you use the identical login information across all devices to save your game progress.

✦ I lost my data!

Please contact us immediately at with a report of how your data was lost. Please also include the following information:

✦ Your Player ID (Listed in Settings)

✦ The email address associated with the Apple/Facebook/Google account you linked to the app

✦ The device on which you most recently played the game

While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we will do everything in our power to preserve your story and experience.



✦ Can I reset my story or start over?

There is a "Restart Route" button for each character in Fictif. You can restart the character route which means all of your character progress will be erased and you can start from the beginning again.​ Please note by resetting your character route, this will not affect other character routes. In addition, all premium choices you have purchased in this route will always be saved and not erased.

✦ When will you update my favorite story?

We're always working on more content for FictIf. If you follow us on social media, we update which stories and characters are being updated for the following month. 

✦ How is my story determined?

As you play through a character's route, certain choices you make will contribute to the path you take. Some choices may take effect immediately, while others may resonate down the line. Think carefully, as each choice is permanent unless you reset your entire character route and start fresh all over again.


✦ Will more stories be added to Fictif?

Yes! FictIf is a limitless world of storytelling possibilities, and you never know what romantic adventure could be in store. In the future, we hope to add not just new stories, but new romantic interests and routes to existing games! Careful readers may notice a few characters already waiting for their chance at romance.... Watch our social media channels for announcements of any new stories, and be sure to have your Push Notifications turned on the app to hear about updates right away!



✦ My game keeps crashing!

Please make sure your game is up to date, with all the latest bug fixes and adjustments by checking the app stores. If you are on an Android device, clear out your game’s cache. On an iOS device, we recommend reinstalling the app. If your account was connected to Apple/Facebook/Google, your information will not be lost, and you can pick up where you left off once your game is properly functioning. At a last resort, try powering your phone off and and back on again. 


✦ I didn’t receive my purchase!

 If you didn’t get your purchase, please contact us at Be sure to include your Player ID (listed in the settings of the game), as well as the receipts for your purchase. We’ll work to provide your purchase to you as quickly as possible.

✦ Is it possible to transfer data between iOS and Android devices?

Yes! If you save your data to a Apple, Facebook or Google account through the in-app Settings page, then you can retrieve that data on any device with which FictIf is compatible. It is critical that you login with the identical Apple/Facebook or Google account on all devices to ensure your game progress is not deleted.

✦ My in-game sound is not playing.

The most common reason no in-game music/sounds are playing is because the phone is in silent mode.