Image containing characters from Nix Hydra Games Apps


  • EMPOWERMENT:  Our small collaborative team get the opportunity to work on fun projects, while having the freedom to decide the creation direction of their games.

  • DIVERSITY:  We are opening the doors to all members of the community to write, create and build their own path. Our games are fully inclusive and so are we.

  • INNOVATION:  Whether a writer, an artist, an engineer, or a marketeer, Nix Hydra puts innovation at the heart of the business.

  • BUILDING CONNECTIONS:  At Nix Hydra you get to be a part of a collection of games that have inspired a dedicated audience to create their own fan art, fan fic and more to share with our community. 

  • ENJOYMENT:  At Nix Hydra, we love what we do, our games are our passion, and we want to share that passion with you!

We currently have no job openings, but if you are keen to join our team, please send us an email and tell us why you want to join us.