✦ What are the technical specifications to see if Arcana works on my mobile phone?


Minimum Technical Requirements for Android Devices

  • Android 5.1.1 or above

  • 2 GB RAM

  • Online connection required (No offline game play supported)

  • NOTE: At this time, we do not test or support Chromebook devices.

Minimum Technical Requirements for iOS Devices

  • iOS 9.0 or above

  • iPhone 5s or newer

  • iPad Air 3rd generation or newer

  • iPad mini 5th generation or newer

  • iPad Pro

  • iPad 8th generation or newer

✦ Why isn't The Arcana working on my Chromebook?

At this time, we do not test or support Chromebook devices.


✦ I’m receiving an Initialization Error on my Android Device!

Please make sure you have the latest version of the app by checking at the app stores. Try force quit the app and relaunch it. You can also try clearing the cache for this app through your device's settings. At last resort, try powering your phone off and then back on again. If this does not resolve the issue, please uninstall and reinstall the game.

✦ Why is my coin balance negative?

We have installed certain measures in our system to prevent cheating and exploits within the game. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to assist and your account can be banned.

✦ My in-game sound is not playing.

The most common reason no in-game music/sounds are playing is because the phone is in silent mode.