✦ How do you play The Arcana?

Everyone reads the first five books in the story as it gives you an opportunity to meet the main six characters in the story. After you complete Book V, you will be able to freely choose one of the main six character stories. Your choices in the prologue (Books I-V) do not lock you into any character story. You can read multiple character stories at once if you so desire and each character story is saved. Based on the choices you make in each character story, you will receive one of two endings to the story. 


✦ Can I change my choices in the game?

At any time after you completed a chapter, you can select a previous chapter to re-read. When you do, the choices you make on your most recent reading will be the choices that are saved. You can replay chapters and change your choices as many times as you’d like.

✦ How is the ending of my character story determined?

As you play through a character's route, certain choices you make will contribute to whether you will unlock the Upright or Reversed ending for that character. Once an ending is unlocked, it will remain unlocked permanently—so if you wish to experience both endings, you can always replay a route and make new choices to unlock the ending you didn't get the first time.

✦ Is this a standalone game? How much does it cost?

The game is free to play, but some bonus content is available via in-game purchases. The Arcana is updated serially—be sure to turn on your push notifications to be alerted when the new content launches! Each character story has two different endings that are based on the choices you make in each character story. The ending that you see is not determined by how much money you spend in the game. 

✦ Where is my avatar/character in the story?

We took a different approach to our storytelling as we wanted our game players to be a part of the story. We want our game players to feel like The Arcana characters are developing a relationship directly with you, the game player. Thus, there is no avatar system in The Arcana.

✦ Do paid choices mean the game is pay-to-win? If I pay for a choice once, do I have to pay for the same choice again when replaying?

The game is not pay-to-win. Coin choices are essentially bonus content meant to enhance/supplement your experience! They will not determine whether you get a "good" or "bad" ending. Coin choices are a permanent unlock. As well, buying a Book will permanently unlock the choices contained in that Book (regardless of whether or not you’ve previously paid for those individual choices).


✦ What does buying a book unlock?

Buying a book unlocks that specific book for that specific character's route. It's not a "route pass" and will not unlock future books. Unlocking a book means you will no longer have to use keys to read or re-read the chapters within that book, nor will you have to pay coins for any of the choices in those chapters.


✦ How do I earn more coins?

You can purchase more coins or earn them for free. Coins are available for free in three different ways:

✦ Wheel of Fortune - Every 24 hours, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune once for free. You can win anywhere from 5 to 1,000 coins!

✦ Tarot - Each consecutive day you login and use the Tarot's Daily Check-In feature, you will receive more free coins. On the 7th consecutive check-in, you'll get a free Tarot reading plus the most free coins.

✦ Heart Hunter - Play Heart Hunter to win postcards! Each time you complete a themed set of postcards, you'll receive free prizes, including coins.

✦ How do I play Heart Hunter?

In this mini-game, you must attempt to get a complete set of four hearts from one of your love interests! Each turn, the three characters on the board will move in random directions to new locations. Then, you'll get to spin and move 1-3 spaces. Your goal is to land on the same space as a character, which earns you a heart. Earn four hearts from a single character to win! Along the way, Faust will do her best to help. You'll also have opportunities to be daring and win extra hearts when night falls.

✦ What do the power-ups in Heart Hunter do?

There are three types of power-ups in Heart Hunter:

✦ +1: Adds 1 space to your movement.

✦ +2: Adds 2 spaces to your movement.

✦ Summon: Brings the character of your choice to your current space in lieu of moving yourself that turn.

✦ How do I use a power-up in Heart Hunter?

On your turn, before you move, tap one of the power-ups at the bottom of the screen. You can then use the power-up right away, or tap the power-up button a second time to deselect it if you no longer wish to use it.

✦ Why do my postcard collections in Heart Hunter disappear?

When a player has received a chest reward for a postcard collection set in Heart Hunter, the collection will reset, allowing the player to receive the reward multiple times after they have obtained a specific postcard.

✦ Will The Arcana ever be translated into additional languages?

While it's our goal to make The Arcana available to as many people as possible, we have not at this time announced additional languages. As you can see, the game is very text heavy and will require a lot of time to convert the English version to other languages. Our team decided to launch the game worldwide so everyone had access to the game then only make it available in those countries that speak English.