✦ What is The Arcana?

The Arcana is a fantasy/romance visual novel for iOS & Android. You, the player, are an apprentice magician with a gift for fortune-telling. Left in possession of an unusually enchanted Tarot deck, you must navigate intrigue, murder, magic... and perhaps a few saucy encounters.

You can download the game for free:

App Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

The Arcana is developed by a small team at Nix Hydra Games.


✦ Is this a standalone game? How much does it cost?

The game is free to play, but some bonus content is available via in-game purchases. The Arcana is updated serially—be sure to turn on your push notifications to be alerted when the new content launches!


✦ Do paid choices mean the game is pay-to-win? If I pay for a choice once, do I have to pay for the same choice again when replaying?

The game is not pay-to-win. There's no way to be unsuccessful at romancing the character of your choice. Coin choices are essentially bonus content meant to enhance/supplement your experience! They will not determine whether you get a "good" or "bad" ending.

Coin choices are a permanent unlock. As well, buying a Book will permanently unlock the choices contained in that Book (regardless of whether or not you’ve previously paid for those individual choices).


✦ What does buying a book unlock?

Buying a book unlocks that specific book for that specific character's route. It's not a "route pass" and will not unlock future books. 

Unlocking a book means you will no longer have to use keys to read or re-read the chapters within that book, nor will you have to pay coins for any of the choices in those chapters.


✦ How do I get more coins?

Coins are available for free in three different ways:

Wheel of Fortune - Every 24 hours, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune once for free. You can win anywhere from 5 to 1,000 coins!

Tarot - Each day you use the Tarot's Daily Check-In feature, you’ll receive 5 coins. On the 7th consecutive check-in, you'll get a free Tarot reading from one of the characters!

Heart Hunter - Play Heart Hunter to win postcards! Each time you complete a themed set of postcards, you'll receive free prizes, including coins.


✦ Do I get to choose a character route, or will my route be determined by choices made in the prologue?

You can freely choose a character route after finishing Book V. Your choices in the prologue (Books I-V) do not lock you into any character route.

Also, you can play multiple separate romance routes at the same time! Different routes are treated like different save files, and will not impact each other.


✦ What does the protagonist look like?

The protagonist has no official design, gender, name, etc. They will never be depicted in the game, and you are free to imagine them however you wish.


✦ How tall are the characters? How old are they? What are their favorite colors? Favorite memes? Social security numbers?

We get a lot of questions about the characters as the story expands. While we can't answer every question we receive, here's a list of some details we’ve shared.

How tall are the characters?

✦ How old are the characters?

✦ When are the characters' birthdays?

✦ What's everyone’s favorite color?

✦ What's the story’s setting like? (more; even more)

✦ Are any of the characters nonbinary? (more)

✦ What's everyone's zodiac sign?

✦ Memes?!?!?! (more)


✦ Will The Arcana ever be translated into additional languages?

While it's our goal to make The Arcana available to as many people as possible, we have not at this time announced additional languages. If we decide to add this feature, it will be announced on our social media pages.



✦ How do I play Heart Hunter?

In this mini-game, you must attempt to get a complete set of four hearts from one of your love interests! Each turn, the three characters on the board will move in random directions to new locations. Then, you'll get to spin and move 1-3 spaces. Your goal is to land on the same space as a character, which earns you a heart. Earn four hearts from a single character to win! Along the way, Faust will do her best to help. You'll also have opportunities to be daring and win extra hearts when night falls.

✦ What do the power-ups in Heart Hunter do?

There are three types of power-ups in Heart Hunter:

+1: Adds 1 space to your movement.

+2: Adds 2 spaces to your movement.

Summon: Brings the character of your choice to your current space in lieu of moving yourself that turn.

✦ How do I use a power-up?

On your turn, before you move, tap one of the power-ups at the bottom of the screen. You can then use the power-up right away, or tap the power-up button a second time to deselect it if you no longer wish to use it.

✦ Why do my postcard collections disappear?

When a player has received a chest reward for a postcard collection set in Heart Hunter, the collection will reset, allowing the player to receive the reward multiple times after they have obtained a specific postcard.



✦ How do I save my game?

Saving data is done automatically after you've linked your account to your Apple/Facebook/Google Account. To ensure your data is safe, please go to the Settings within the app (the gear symbol at the top of the page). From there, the option to link to Apple, Facebook and/or Google is available. Once you've linked an account, no further steps are needed! Your data is backed up going forward. IMPORTANT: If you play The Arcana on multiple devices, please login with the identical linked account on each device so your progress is not erased.

✦ How do I transfer my data to a new device?

Make sure your previous device is linked to either Apple, Facebook or Google through the Settings option within the app (the gear symbol at the top of the page). Once this is done, open the app on your new device and link the same Apple, Facebook or Google account. Upon doing so, your data will be restored. IMPORTANT: It is critical to login with the same login on all devices to ensure your progress is not erased.

✦ I lost my data!

Please contact us immediately at with a report of how your data was lost. Please also include the following information:

✦ Your Player ID (where can I find this?)

✦ The email address associated with the Facebook/Google account you linked to the app

✦ The device on which you most recently played the game

While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we will do everything in our power to preserve your story and experience.

✦ Can I link both my The Arcana and Fictif accounts?

You can link your accounts but it is critical that you use the same identical Apple/Google/Facebook login on all your devices and apps to make sure your game progress is not erased! This is really important.

✦ How do I reset my game?

There is no option to reset the data within your game. If you'd like to start over a route and make different choices, you can simply replay that route from the beginning, and your most recent choices will save over your old choices. If you wish to erase all data, including all purchases, progress, and items unlocked, please contact us at This option may be provided on a case-by-case basis.



✦ Can I change my choices in the game?

At any time when you're not currently reading a different chapter in a route, you can select a previous chapter to re-read. When you do, the choices you make on your most recent reading will be the choices that are saved. You can replay chapters and change your choices as many times as you’d like.

✦ I can't select a chapter I've unlocked!

Please check the rest of that character's route to make sure you don't have a golden bookmark on another chapter. If you see such a bookmark, you are in the middle of a different chapter in the route and will not be able to select other chapters until you've finished the chapter marked with the golden bookmark.

✦ When will you update the story?

We're so excited you want to read more! We're always working on more content for The Arcana. While we can't provide exact dates for updates, keep your eyes on our social media pages for hints as to when the next chapter or feature will arrive!

✦ How is the ending of my story determined?

As you play through a character's route, certain choices you make will contribute to whether you will unlock the Upright or Reversed ending for that character. Once an ending is unlocked, it will remain unlocked permanently—so if you wish to experience both endings, you can always replay a route and make new choices to unlock the ending you didn't get the first time.



✦ I’m receiving an Initialization Error on my Android Device!

Please make sure you have the latest version of the app by checking at the app stores. Try force quit the app and relaunch it. You can also try clearing the cache for this app through your device's settings. At last resort, try powering your phone off and then back on again. If this does not resolve the issue, please uninstall and reinstall the game.

✦ Is it possible to transfer data between iOS and Android devices?

Yes! If you save your data to a Apple, Facebook or Google account through the in-app Settings page, then you can retrieve that data on any device with which The Arcana is compatible. It is critical that you use the identical Apple, Facebook or Google account on multiple devices!

✦ My game’s timer is malfunctioning!

We have installed certain measures in our system to prevent cheating and exploits within the game. As a result, players that change the time or data on their system may find that the in-game timer for daily features is displaying an inaccurate time. If this is a result of time/data alteration, we regret to say that we will not be able to assist.

✦ My in-game sound is not playing.

The most common reason no in-game music/sounds are playing is because the phone is in silent mode.