About Nix Hydra

About Nix Hydra

Nix Hydra is a VC-backed, Los Angeles based, interactive entertainment company that caters to female-leaning audiences. We currently focus on mobile products.

Our apps have reached about 20 million people worldwide, with the most popular apps being two pet egg games. Founders Lina Chen and Naomi Ladizinsky are Yale grads with a dream.

Nix Hydra is made up of relatively friendly, diverse and very spirited people, and together we have a combined bajillion years of experience in gaming, especially mobile.

The Nix Hydra team has worked at places like EA, Capcom, THQ, Machinima, William Morris, Viacom and Comedy Central.  Our ca$h hoard was provided by some excellent angel and VC investors who have invested in (or were founders of) Harmonix, Zynga, Riot Games, Gyft, MRY and Buddy Media.

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