Sticker Quest

Sticker Quest FAQ

Welcome to Sticker quest: a Daily Adventure

Sticker Quest is a tiny, daily adventure that you play in iMessage!

Join the Traveler as they journey to a weekly new world to collect stickers! Each day when you enter the app, you'll get to make a choice about the way you explore. The path you take will lead to new stickers to send your friends!

✦ 15 sticker starter pack ✦
✦ Daily Choose-Your-Own-Adventure to discover more stickers ✦
✦ A new world to explore every week ✦
✦ The stickers are really good ✦

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the cool weekly reward sticker?

Every week when the Traveler goes to a new world, make sure that you check in every day and explore. If you explore all seven days, you’ll get the weekly reward sticker on Saturday! 

How can I get ALL of the stickers in the pack? 

First, check in every day and choose your own way to explore. This will get you seven stickers PLUS the weekly reward sticker. To get all the other stickers, you can use charms to “Keep Exploring” each day, or use charms to “Get All” each week. In every world, there are a few stickers that are only available by Completing the Pack.

Will I ever be able to get stickers from worlds the Traveler went to before?

Keep playing! In the future, the Traveler might revisit a world they’ve been to before, or their friends might come to visit them! Only time will tell.

What is an iMessage app?? 

In iOS 10 and above, iMessage now has stickers and apps that you can use in conversations with your friends! 

I downloaded this on my phone from the App Store but now I can’t find it on my phone?

Open up the iMessage app on your phone, and tap the arrow, then the App Store icon. Tap the icon in the bottom left corner, and you should see your Sticker Quest app there! 

Why can’t I download this app?

Sticker Quest is only available on iOS devices running iOS 10 or higher. If your device can run it, try upgrading to iOS 10, and you should be able to download it.

Where is the Traveler from and why do they travel?


How can I get more charms?

Each week if you check in every day to earn the weekly reward sticker, you also get a few charms!

You can also buy packs of charms in the Store Tab of the app. 

Where did my charms go?

Charms can be used for a few of different purchases in Sticker Quest:

  • Each day, if you choose to “Keep Exploring,” it costs charms
  • Completing the Pack also costs charms! 

If you are sure you didn’t spend any of your charms but still can’t find them, contact our support at

I purchased charms but never received them!

Nix Hydra can’t refund you directly, however if you contact our support at, we can direct you to Apple, who will get you squared away.