Egg! FAQ

Welcome to Egg the game: a game of Eggs

Everything in the world is Eggs. All our history, all our future civilizations, they are all Eggs.
It has always been Eggs, it will always be Eggs.

Just like in real life, Eggs grow differently based on how you take care of them.
What will you do? What will you hatch? The world is your Egg.

Everything is Eggs.

Except the wizards
they are pigs.

And the creatures too,
but that’s no surprise.
You’re quite the creature yourself.

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Egg Types

Egg Care

Why are there two buttons on an empty Egg Bed?

The blue button is to adopt Single player Eggs that you can take care of on your own. The Green button is to adopt Multiplayer Eggs that you can share with a friend!

Why are some Eggs locked in the adoption menu and how do I unlock them?

Woah slow down there, caretaker! Because those Eggs can be a little tricky to raise, Mr. Peeg has lovingly placed a lock on them until you prove you can handle some of the easier Eggs first. In order to unlock the Egg you want, simply hatch the number of Eggs listed on the adoption screen lock. As Wortimer likes to say “Good Eggs come to those who wait!”

What are likes and dislikes?

Likes and Dislikes let you know what your Egg likes and what it doesn’t like.  This can impact how successful you are at feeding your Egg later on! An Egg will let you know its preferences when you select it from the adoption pen.  You can also check them later from the Doctors Office in Egg Central!

What are the different personalities my Egg can have? How do I know what my Egg’s personality is?

According to Seggmund Fried’s recent study, Eggs can have one of six different personalities:

Cool:  Cool Eggs are well rounded and mentally stable.  They enjoy long rolls on the beach and good food with good friends.  Cool Eggs hatch into easygoing, friendly creatures.

Cute: Cute Eggs run entirely on sunshine and rainbows.  They love sweets, fluffy things, and tea parties.  Cute Eggs hatch into adorable, carefree creatures.

Pretty: Pretty Eggs have a well-developed sense of style, aesthetics, and social delicacy.  They are often found at cafes writing poetry and ordering the local, organic fruit tart.  Pretty Eggs hatch into graceful, artistic creatures.

Tough: Tough Eggs are sporty in every sense of the word. They are very active, coordinated, and enjoy a healthy dose of friendly competition.  Tough Eggs hatch into solid, powerful creatures.  

Nerdy: Nerdy Eggs love to learn and explore their environment.  However, they tend to get so involved in their hobbies and pursuits that pretty much everyone is tired of hearing about it.  Nerdy Eggs hatch into enthusiastic, clever creatures.

Dark: Dark Eggs are just trying to figure out their place in this dark, uncomfortable world.  They are often found moodily gazing out an attic window on rainy afternoons.  Dark Eggs hatch into tormented, thoughtful creatures.

Your Egg’s current personality is displayed in the small badge to the left of your Egg’s name. If you tap on it you can even see a graph depicting your Egg’s particular traits. This is a great way to keep track of how much of personality your Egg is displaying if you are trying to change it.

How do I change my Eggs personality?

There are many different ways to change the personality of an Egg. Here are just a few!

  • You can change the clothes your Egg wears. Certain articles of clothing may influence your Egg one way or another.
  • Broaden your Egg’s palate with some tasty new treats! You may find that certain foods bring out different traits.  Try different food items to see what you get!
  • Visit your Egg’s dreams by tapping the sheep bubble above a sleeping Egg’s head.  You can help influence your Egg’s personality while it gets some well deserved shut eye.
  • Expose your Eggs to new ideas by reading books to them!

I want to change my Egg’s name! Can I do that?

Yes! While in any care room, tap your Egg’s name banner to enter a new name.

What do I do about this thought bubble above my Egg’s head?

Your Egg is thinking of something special it wants! By providing the Egg with the item pictured or playing the mini-game it requests you can gain extra growth points to hatch your Egg a little faster.  Your Egg will also be very grateful!

If you don’t want to grant your egg’s request, that’s fine too! You can swipe right over the bubble to cancel it, or just wait for the Egg to think about something else!

Why does my Egg have a green request bubble above its head?

Your Egg is jealous of its Egg sibling! Jealous Eggs make requests for things and may misbehave in other ways. Fulfilling an Egg’s jealous request will appease its wishes, for now. But be careful, if you spoil it too much you might end up with a naughty Egg!  You can also give a jealous Egg some “Bitter Pill” medicine to help straighten it out.

My Egg won’t eat!

Eggs can be finicky eaters. In order to feed them properly drag your purchased food out of the pantry towards your Egg. Make sure to follow the circular gesture arrows to “airplane” your food. You will know your Egg is ready to chow down when it closes its eyes and opens its mouth wide!

Why does my Egg make a weird face when I try to feed it something?

Each Egg has likes and dislikes. If your Egg is making an icky face, that means it doesn’t like the food you picked. You can try dragging different foods out of the pantry and see how your Egg reacts before you feed them the item! A happy Egg is a healthy Egg!

Why does the Egg just open its mouth without the airplane gesture sometimes?

Because it really likes the food you’re about to give it! Your Egg has no time for dining etiquette, it wants that deliciousness now!

How do I put my Egg to sleep?

Turn off the lamp in the bedroom by tapping on it and rock your device side to side.  Sweet dreams!

If your Egg is not rocking from side to side, please make sure your device has functioning gyroscope capabilities.

How do I wake up my Egg?

Either turn on the lamp by tapping on it or shake your device. Please be careful when shaking your device!

I was cleaning my Egg and now it has all these red bumps on it! What did I do wrong?

If you clean your Egg too much, it can develop a rash from your super scrubbing. Never fear! Clearing up your Egg’s rash is as easy as selecting the Rash-Aid medicine in the washroom and applying it to your Egg. Make sure you only scrub your Egg until it sparkles!

My Egg doesn’t look so good. How do I know if my Egg is sick?

Checking your Egg’s bed in the nursery is a great way to tell if it is sick.  According to Dr. Peeg, if your Egg’s normal items that are usually next to it have been replaced with tissues, bowls or medicine, your Egg is sick. If you are still unsure, take a trip to the Doctor’s Office in Egg Central to get a diagnosis.

My Egg is sick! What do I do?

Don’t worry! There is medicine you can buy in the Bathroom, simply tap on the Medicine tab to select the right medicine.  You can use the descriptions of each of the medicines to help you figure out what ailment your poor Egg is suffering from. For example, is your Egg running a cold? The Neggquil can help!

You can also visit Dr. Peeg in the Eggverse to vaccinate your Egg.  It will never get sick again!

My Egg is missing from the house, and all I have is this weird note!

It sounds like your Egg has run away to the backyard due to lack of care and attention. Tap on your truant Egg to play a little game of Hide and Seek in order to bring it back into your house. Make sure you take proper care of your Egg so it doesn’t run away again!

There is a tombstone in the backyard. Does that mean my Egg can die if I don’t take care of it?

If you take very good care of your Egg, you don’t have to worry about the tombstone. But if you leave your feral Eggs unattended in the backyard for too long, they may have a deadly accident. All dead Eggs can be revived from the tombstone using charms.

I thought my Egg was ready to hatch but it just grew bigger, what gives?

The time it takes to hatch an Egg differs on the Egg! Some Egg’s such as the Common and Sprout Egg hatch very quickly, whereas the Coral, Fossil and Golden Egg can take a little longer. Glancing at the meter in the bottom right of the screen can help you determine how much longer an Egg has until hatch time, and how many more growth stages it needs.

How do I make my Egg hatch faster?

Just take good care of your Egg! Keeping your Egg’s happiness, sleep and hunger meters in the green will help it grow faster. When your Egg’s meters are in the red it greatly slows down, and stops completely if the meters are empty! Reading books to your Egg or fulfilling its requests for items and activities will also help it grow faster.  

How do I send my creature to their homeland?

You can send a creature to its homeland by tapping on the creature in the backyard and then tapping on the suitcase icon in the popup menu. If your backyards are full and you hatch a new creature, you will have to send a creature away to make room! When this happens you can drag and drop creatures from your yard into the Homeland pop up to decide which creature is going to go. Don’t worry, they are going on a fun trip and getting in touch with their roots!

I sent over my creature to their homeland, how do I get my creature back?

Creatures visiting their homeland can be brought when you purchase a Backyard expansion. Once you have purchased an extension, you will be given the option to return your creatures to your yard.


I’m confused about Space Egg…

In Space Egg you help pilot your Egg’s spaceship as it explores the outer reaches of the galaxy and collects coins. Dodge obstacles like clouds, asteroids and meteoroids by swiping up and down on your device. Keep and eye out for Super Stars! Running into one of those will make you invincible for a short time.

Tips to Try: Stay towards the center so you have room to maneuver!

How do I Egg Jam?

Egg Jam is a game of dancing Eggs and concentration! Repeat the moves after your Egg shows them to you by tapping the correct side of your Egg. Be warned though, the moves will get more complex as the games goes on.

Tips to Try: Egg Jam is much easier if you play it with the music. Try it next time!  

Egg Balance is super hard, help?

The goal of Egg Balance is to keep your Egg on your balancing object until you cross the finish line. Tilt your device side to side to keep your Egg upright. Tilting your device forward and backwards will allow you to increase and decrease the speed at which you move. Be warned though, moving faster makes it much easier for your Egg to topple over. Keep and eye out for gusts of wind too - they can push your Egg onto the ground.

Tips to Try: You can always slow down your movement or even try an easier difficulty setting if you are having trouble! Remember, it’s not a race!

I’m having trouble with Eggvolution…

In Eggvolution you can slide together tiles with the same image to create new and better tiles along the Egg’s evolutionary line. Combine more and more tiles to try and get the coveted Golden Egg Tile!

Tips to Try: Try only moving your tiles upward in addition to moving them left and right. This will allow you to stack your higher tiles in the top row and add them together more efficiently.

Eggstermind doesn’t make sense, how do I play it?

Your Egg knows the secret and it’s up to you to crack the code! In Eggstermind you must guess different codes in order to figure out the code your Egg holds. Select different items by tapping on the spaces on the counter and then press the button to check your proposed solution with your Egg. A green dot means an item is in the code and in the correct location. A yellow dot means an item is in the code, but not in the right spot. A grey dot means an item is not in the code at all. These dots do not correspond to the order of the items, you must figure that out yourself. Keep trying until you are out of guesses or guess the right answer!

Tips to Try: Pay attention to your previous guesses and how they ranked. They are your best chance at figuring out the correct code. If you are having trouble, try an easier difficulty. The easy and medium ranks do not have repeat items in their codes, fewer objects and more guesses!


How do I invite my friend to share an Egg with me?

On an empty Egg Bed tap the green multiplayer button to be taken to the multiplayer adoption screen. Here you can pick one friend to raise an Egg with, or search for players on the Eggverse to send them an invite to and add them to your friends list. After picking a friend you will be taken to the adoption screen where you can pick an Egg out, name it and choose whether or not to pay for your friends Egg too!

I don’t want to receive multiplayer invites from people I don’t know. Is there a setting I can change?

Yep! If you exit your house and tap the mailbox to the right you can press the settings button (Shaped like a gear) located on the bottom of the mailbox interface. Here you can block invites from players you do not know, or even block all multiplayer invites.

Oops! I didn’t mean to send that invite! Can I cancel it?

Absolutely. Tap the invite envelope on the Egg bed you began the adoption process with. Canceling an invite will refund you any coins or charms spent during the adoption. Invites can only be canceled if they have not been accepted yet.

My friend didn’t accept my invite in time…what happens now?

Aww what a shame! No worries, any charms or coins you used to purchase your multiplayer Egg will be refunded to you, even if you paid for your friend’s Egg. That way you can try again!

How do I invite my friend to share this special Golden Egg or any of the other Egg's that descend into my nursery? (Egg ID)

If you have been fortunate enough to watch a Golden Egg or another Egg type descend into your nursery, don't panic! Sharing them with your friend is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

To get your Egg ID

  1. After the Egg has arrived in your nursery, tap on it! Make sure you have a strong and reliable internet connection while doing so.
  2. Choose which Egg you would like, and give it a name! Press the green check mark to confirm your choices.
  3. A pop up with your Egg ID should appear! This special ID can only be redeemed once by a friend.
  4. You can share your Egg ID by tapping the button with the envelope when viewing your Egg ID. This will allow you to send your Egg ID to friends using a variety of apps you have on your phone.
  5. Once your friend has your Egg ID they can redeem it by following the steps below!

To Redeem a Friends Egg ID

  1. In Egg! Access the neighborhood where you can view your House, the two other houses and Peeg's shop. Make sure you have a strong and reliable network or internet connection when doing so!
  2. Tap on the Mailbox to the right of your house.
  3. In the mailbox, tap on the message titled 'Join an Egg Partnership!' This message should appear after you have completed the tutorial in 'Egg!' If you have deleted the message you will be unable to redeem your ID.
  4. Enter in the Egg ID you received from your friend. Remember ID's are case sensitive!
  5. Enjoy your Egg Partnership!

Please be aware that the steps above are only for beginning an Egg partnership with one of the special referral Eggs that descend into your nursery! You can adopt a multiplayer Egg with a friend anytime by following the multiplayer adoption process outlined in the question above!

How do I send my multiplayer Egg to my friend for a visit?

If you currently have the Egg and tap the purple button hanging from your Egg’s name in the nursery, the Egg will poof over to your friend’s for a visit!

How do I take my multiplayer Egg from my friend so I can give it lots of love?

If you currently do not have the Egg and tap the red button hanging from your Egg’s name in the nursery you can take the Egg. However, an Egg cannot be taken if it is being played with by your friend (That would be extremely rude!)

If you are still having trouble, politely ask your friend to suspend the game for a couple minutes and then try again!

What happens to my multiplayer Egg’s clothes when I remove them?

Never fear! If you receive a multiplayer Egg dressed to the nines the clothes will remain on the Egg until you remove them. If you choose to do so, the clothes will poof back to your friend’s inventory. You will not be able to dress the Egg in them again unless you purchase your own set.

My friend lost their save file and has our multiplayer Egg! How do I get our Egg back?

No worries! Even if your friend no longer has their save file, you can still take the Egg back from them and hold on to it. If the Egg tries to go visit your absent friend, just wait a few minutes and take it back again.

The Egg hatched while my friend had it! Do I still get a creature?

Yes! The next time you enter the nursery the Egg should be waiting for you! Tapping on it will hatch it into a beautiful shiny creature!

If you haven’t seen your Egg reappear yet, make sure you have a strong reliable internet and/or data connection. Wait several minutes and then try exiting and re-entering the nursery.

My creature looks different…

Multiplayer Egg’s hatch into shiny creatures that sparkle and have slightly different colorings then their single player counter parts. Ooo, shiny…

I got two different grades in my Stickerbook for my multiplayer Egg!

Both Egg parents of a multiplayer Egg receive grades based on the care they lavished on the Egg when it was with them. It is possible for parents to receive different scores depending on how much care they gave!

What happened to the “Recruiter” Achievement?

This achievement was removed in the 2.03 build.  Don’t worry, you can still earn charms from recruiting your friends!

Are there going to be more achievements someday?

Just like clothes and Eggs there might be some new challenges for you and your eggs to face. Keep an eye out for updates!

Currency & Achievements

I need more coins, how do I earn more?

There are many ways to earn coins!

  • Play some of the fun mini-games in the Game Tab. The more points you get the more coins you earn!
  • Take good care of your Eggs. Eggs that are well taken care of award more coins when they hatch.
  • Check the purple Harvest Trees. They grow coins every 24 hours!
  • Your hatched creatures also award coins when they are sent on quests. Tap on a creature and then press the present button to send your creature on its journey. It will return after some time with coins or a gift for you!
  • Visit other players in the Eggverse and tickle their Eggs!  You can get a gift from each Egg once every visit.

There are many more ways to get coins but we can’t give them all away! Raise lots of Eggs and have fun; coins will follow!

How to do I earn charms by referring my friends to Egg! ? (Referral ID)

Egg! is a game that is great with friends and charms! For each friend you refer to Egg using your special Referral ID, you and your friend will both earn charms! Follow the steps below to find your Referral ID and send it your friends!

To find your Referral ID

  1. Access the settings menu (the three horizontal lines) on the left side of the neighborhood or nursery screen in 'Egg!'.
  2. In the settings menu locate the button with an envelope and heart on it. Tap on it.
  3. This will bring up the share sheet, which will allow you to send your referral information to friends using a variety of apps on your phone. From here you can chose to text, email or share your referral ID on various social media platforms.
  4. Once your friends have your Referral ID they can redeem it following the steps below!

How to redeem a friends Referral ID

  1. If you don't have a friend's Referral ID ask them to follow the steps above and then email, text or message you their referral ID.
  2. In Egg! Access the neighborhood where you can view your House, the two other houses and Peeg's shop. Make sure you have a strong and reliable network or internet connection when doing so!
  3. Tap on the Mailbox to the right of your house.
  4. In the mailbox, tap on the message titled 'Redeem a Referral ID!' This message should appear after you have completed the tutorial in 'Egg!' If you have deleted the message you will be unable to redeem your ID.
  5. Carefully enter in the Referral ID you received from your friend or copy and paste it. Remember ID's are case sensitive!
  6. Enjoy your charms!

If you still need help you can reference our tutorial video here: [^] which should help as well!

What do the charms do? And why can’t I use coins instead?

Charms are a rare and mystical currency used to purchase uncommon Eggs, unique clothing items and even new houses for you and your Eggs! You can also use charms to alter nature and instantly hatch one of your Eggs or even revive Eggs that have passed on. Ooo maaaagic…

Since the objects and abilities purchased with charms are rare, one of a kind or even magical, they naturally require a more refined currency than coins.

Charms sound wonderful! How do I acquire them?

There are several ways to secure them. You can:

  • Complete achievements or earn stars in the mini-games!  Each mini-game rewards charms for earning 1, 2, or 3 stars.
  • Watch ads in Egg Central!
  • Refer your friends to Egg! by using the share button in the settings shelf! You’ll both earn charms when your friends join! Or you can use the buttons in the settings shelf to like our Facebook Page and rate Egg! on the app store for a one time bonus (Thanks! )
  • Keep an eye out for limited time events sponsored by your friends at Nix Hydra
  • Purchase them anytime from Mr. Peeg’s shop in Egg Central for real currency!
  • There are lots of other ways, but what fun would it be if we gave them all away! Play the game and explore!

How can I see what types of Eggs I have already hatched?

Head over to the Sticker book on the Settings Menu. There you will see all the Eggs and creatures you have hatched.  You can also view what their hatch grade was, what they were wearing when hatched and even who helped you raise it if it was a multiplayer Egg!

How do I add stickers to my sticker book?

Got a sticker? Open your Sticker Book and tap on the Egg with a red icon at the bottom right hand corner. Then you’ll see an empty spot glowing. Tap on it and gaze upon the beauty of your sticker!

How do I view my unlocked Achievements?

Tapping on the achievements button in the settings shelf will open the Achievements Shadowbox. Here you can view your completed achievements, place new badges awarded by Wortimer and tap hidden achievements to learn how to unlock them.

Why does the Risk Taker Achievement say coming soon?

The world of Egg isn’t ready for the Risk Taker achievement! Check back with a future update.

Eggverse & Egg Central

What is Egg Central?

Egg Central is the place for all your Egg needs! Need to send a spell to a friend? Stop by Mr. Peeg’s Spell Store. Want the latest gossip of the Eggverse? Head over to the News Stand. Flu season? Visit the Egg Central Doctor for a vaccine against all types of sickness. You can also board the Eggverse Express and take a ride to visit your friends’ homes and Eggs!

What does the mailbox do?

The mailbox is where you accept invites for multiplayer Eggs! You can also receive mail from your creatures traveling in their homelands or special gifts from events!

Why do you need to know my birthday?

We like to celebrate birthdays! Mr. Peeg may even surprise you with a birthday gift!

How do I add friends on the Eggverse?

Adding friends is easy! Simply tap on the green “+” button near the account name that you want to add and then it will be immediately added to your friends list. Now you can visit that user and their Eggs by tapping their house in your friends list!

How do I change my avatar on the Eggverse?

Tap on your avatar icon in the left corner of the Egg Central screen. This will take you to your profile. While viewing your profile, tap your icon next to your Eggverse username. You can now select a new icon from any of the creatures you have hatched. If you wish to use a locked creature for an icon, just hatch that creature to unlock it!

I don’t want to receive Spells anymore, can I block them?

Sure can! Use the settings menu, accessed by hitting the tab with three lines located on the left side of the screen, to block spells for non-friends or everyone.

Troubleshooting & Misc

Egg! won't install on my Android 6 device.

  1. If you are having trouble installing and playing Egg! on an Android 6 device, please make sure you have all application permissions enabled for Egg!.
  2. To enable or change your permission settings for 'Egg!', please access your device's setting menu.
  3. Scroll down through your settings menu until you find the line labeled "Applications" or "Apps."
  4. Tap on this to be taken to your Application list.
  5. Scroll down until you find the line labeled 'Egg!' and tap it.
  6. At this point you may tap on the line labeled "Permissions" in order to enable or change which permissions Egg! can access.
  7. Please be aware that switching off some permissions may cause you to be unable to complete certain actions in Egg!

Something doesn’t seem right with my game. What can I do?

First thing you should do is visit your device’s app store and make sure your game is up to date, with the most recent version of Egg! installed. More often then not this can fix many issues that may be occurring on your device!

I think something is really wrong with my game, and updating didn’t fix it!  Should I delete it and reinstall it?

No! Whatever you do, don’t delete your game! Your save data is stored within the application on your device! If you delete your game, you’ll lose all of your data, including your Eggs, creatures, items , coins and much more.

If updating to the newest version of Egg! did not fix your problem, please contact our Nix Hydra Support Team by visiting our Support Page. They’re the Pig Wizards of the Eggverse, and are always happy to help!

I lost my save file, so I had to make a new Eggverse account, but I can still see my old account on the Eggverse. Why can’t I retrieve the data from it?

Unfortunately, even though you can see your old account on the Eggverse, there is no way to retrieve that data. The Eggverse supports uploading of data, but not downloading. When you create an Eggverse account, your data is uploaded and your device stores a digital login "token". This unique token authenticates your device and enables you to access the Eggverse without logging in each time or entering any passwords. Sadly, this token is lost if your Egg! data has been lost.

I can’t log into my old Save file on my new device. Why?

Unfortunately all your data for your game is stored on your device, not with your app store account. When you download the game on a new device, your save data will not come with you. Sorry about that!

Is there anyway I can transfer data between my two devices?

Unfortunately there is no method of data transfer supported by Egg! If you attempt to transfer your data from any device using any means, our support team will most likely be unable to assist you in the event something goes wrong and you lose your data.

How can I backup my game? (Android Only)

When prompted to turn on cloud data accept! If you think you missed the prompt you can turn on cloud data backup at anytime by going to the Settings shelf and making sure the switch with the icon of a cloud is green. Better to be safe than sorry!

How do I turn off the push notifications?

 Go to the Setting tabs and tap on the Phone Icon and select which notification you want to turn off. Or just turn them all off.

What devices and operating systems can I play Egg! on?

Egg! is available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. For iOS devices, please make sure that you are running iOS 7 or above. For Android and Amazon devices, please make sure that you are running Android 4 or above.

I am having trouble downloading and installing Egg!

Please make sure when downloading Egg you are connected to a strong and reliable wifi or data connection. When installing, please make sure you have at least 350 MB of free space available on your device. Finally make sure that your device complies to the standards set above for Operating System and Device Type.

How can I enable or change my games in-app permissions? (Android 6 Only)

  1. To enable or change your permission settings for 'Egg!', please access your device's setting menu.
  2. Scroll down through your settings menu until you find the line labeled "Applications" or "Apps."
  3. Tap on this to be taken to your Application list.
  4. Scroll down until you find the line labeled 'Egg!' and tap it.
  5. At this point you may tap on the line labeled "Permissions" in order to enable or change which permissions Egg! can access.
  6. Please be aware that switching off some permissions may cause you to be unable to complete certain actions in Egg!

How do I get my free rewards in Egg! from being a dedicated Egg Baby player?

So this isn't your first time being an Egg caretaker, huh? Well Congratulations! If you are a previous player of Egg Baby you are eligible to receive a starting reward when beginning Egg!

In order to claim your reward you must first receive your Egg Baby ID. Please follow the steps below in order to receive and redeem your Egg Baby ID:

  1. Please make sure you are connected to a strong and reliable wireless or network connection and can access the internet.
  2. Open up 'Egg Baby' and access the Settings menu by tapping the purple tab on the left hand side of the neighborhood and nursery screens.
  3. With this menu open, scroll down until you see the orange icon with the picture of a smiling Egg. Tap this button.
  4. A pop up will open with your Egg Baby ID. Tap on this code in order to copy it to your clipboard.
  5. Now open up 'Egg!' and access the neighborhood where you can view your House, the two other houses and Peeg's shop.
  6. Tap on the Mailbox to the right of your house.
  7. In the mailbox, tap on the message titled 'Welcome from Egg Baby!' This message should appear after you have completed the tutorial in 'Egg!' If you have deleted the message you will be unable to redeem your ID.
  8. Enter in your Egg Baby ID. Remember ID's are case sensitive!
  9. Enjoy your rewards!

Why can't I adopt the Galaxy Egg?

The Galaxy Egg has taken off to return to the far reaches of space it calls home. But don't worry! If you have hatched any of the absolutely purr-fect Galaxy creatures they will remain in your backyard, along with their stickers in your sticker book. And who knows? Perhaps those "eggs-traterrestrial" bundles of fun will be back sooner than you think!

Why can't I see my newly adopted Egg on the Apple Watch?

Don’t worry! It takes a couple of minutes for your new egg to arrive on your Apple Watch!  Please wait a few minutes for the Apple Watch to update and show your wonderful new Egg! If it takes more than 2-3 minutes for the Egg to show on the Apple Watch, try feeding the Egg or playing a mini-game with it. The new Egg should show up on the Apple Watch shortly!

Why can't I see my Multiplayer Egg on my Apple Watch?

It's great that you've started a partnership with a friend to raise an Egg together! If your egg is currently an invite or with your friend, the shared Egg won't show up on your Apple Watch. Once you bring it back to your nursery, you should be able to view it!

Nothing in this fantastically worded FAQ helped me with my problem! What do I do now?

If your solution isn’t here, please contact the Nix Hydra Support Team through our support page. These wizards of the Eggverse would be happy to assist with any technical issues you may be having or general questions about any of our games.

Our support hours are Tuesday — Friday, 8:00am- 7:00pm (PST).