Lina and Naomi on the job!

About Nix Hydra

Nix Hydra is a Los Angeles based entertainment software company. 

Our debut game, the virtual pet Egg Baby, has over 15 million downloads, and our company has more than $5.6M in funding. Founders Lina Chen and Naomi Ladizinsky are Yale grads with a dream.

Nix Hydra is made up of relatively friendly, diverse and very spirited people, and together we have a combined bajillion years of experience in gaming, especially mobile.

The Nix Hydra team has worked at places like EA, Capcom, THQ, Machinima, William Morris, Viacom and Comedy Central.  Our ca$h hoard was provided by some excellent angel and VC investors who have invested in (or were founders of) Harmonix, Zynga, Riot Games, Gyft, MRY and Buddy Media.


Lina – Bringer of Bacon
Naomi – Petulant Artist
Jasmine - Permanent Rainbow
Dyala - Conceptual Wrangler
Brendan - Peanut Butter Baby
Nik - The Pun-isher
Zach - %s
Hannah - it is a mystery
Tracie - Paradoxical Design Strategist
Hussein - Chocolate Thunder
Ray Ray - R2 the D2
Sarah - Tootles Whisperer
Sulaiman - Uses the Source
Adriana - ✿Kawaii Fieri✿
Hassan - Vanilla Wave
Lasha - Dog Enthusiast
Dana - The Village Witch
Katie - Part-Time Magical Girl
Bri - Sailor Swoon
Allison - Golden Achiever
Veronica - Duchess Designerpants III
Xanthe - ☆~(ゝ。∂)
Robert - lordfunknessninjawizardturtle

You - Subtle Reminder That We Are Hiring

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