Our Creations

From adorable pet games, to mysterious visual novels, to celebrity sticker packs; when it comes to making apps for girls & women, we hit the mark!

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The most advanced pet game in the world

Sticker Quest

A tiny, daily adventure that you play in iMessage

Dragon Treasure Tales

Collect and share stickers to unlock hidden treasure

Vaporwave Stickers

Palm trees, pizza, and grecian influence

Hot Guy Alarm Clock

Why settle for a normal alarm clock?


The official Tyra Banks sticker pack

Egg Baby

Our first hit – and still going strong!

Planet Pals

No need for bulky telescopes with this pack

Vivi's Daily Tarot

Begin your day with a special Tarot card

The Arcana

A spooky & intriguing visual novel adventure

Puppo Pals

iMessage stickers for every dog lover

Stick Appointment

For aspiring meme lords everywhere

Egg! Sticker Pack

Inspired by our hit pet game, Egg!