Doggo Bloggo


Every morning I am pulled out of my bed at home and transported to my bed at work. There are countless friends here but my best friend is Rhea, who shares my love of solitude and violence. The best part of my day is when I get to poop with all my friends. The worst part of my day is when my puny human goes too far down the hall and out of my range of sight. Why does he do this, knowing I can't go down the hall because it is too long and too spooky?


"My name is Volta
I am small
scraps and crumbs
I find them all

my shiny eye
is filled with tears
from all my joy
and all my fears


don’t clap.  dOn’t cLAP!!"


I'm Scout.  As much as my mom tells me that people are nice and that they won't take me from her, I don't believe her.  So, I do my best to avoid people I don't know just in case... My favorite things to do are: make my parents laugh, shed my fur on everything, sleep in awkward positions and bark at strangers.