Animating Creatures!

Once the creatures in Egg! are drawn and colored, how can we give them more life? We can make them move! That is, we can animate them!!! After all, the most basic definition of "animate" is: to bring to life.


As you can see, this character comes to life once he starts moving. The results are magical!

Every creature in Egg! has two movements: and idle and a special move. With the little bear above, his idle is the wobble back and forth and his special move is the kick.

Because of the limitations of game animation, both of these movements needed to be captured with only 8 frames! This was pretty difficult at times. Below, you can see all 8 frames used.

Frames 1-4 are his wobble back and forth, and frames 5-8 are his kick. In the game, the player will see frame 1-4 play over and over, in a back and forth looping fashion. Then, randomly, frames 5-8 will play for the special kick. This random interruption with a special move helps the characters seem less monotonous and more alive.

Seeing how each creature animates is one of the most fun elements in Egg! They all do something special and unique!