Designing on 'Egg!', Part 2

In addition to planning features and writing design documents, game design is also about iteration and problem solving. One challenge we faced during the development of ‘Egg!’ involved egg growth stages.

As you raise your egg, it will eventually reach a threshold in which it must grow to its next state. This involves changing not only the size of its shell, but also the size and placement of its facial features, for each growth state.

This placed a heavy workload on our artists. So, in order to alleviate that burden, we decided to try and programmatically arrange the egg’s face for each growth state.

It didn’t exactly work out as planned…

The Golden Egg proved especially challenging.

The many faces of the Common Egg.

Several iterations later, we decided that our potentially time-saver solution just wasn’t going to work. Each egg and growth state would ultimately need to be personalized by one of our artists.

So thank you, Artists, for all the care and attention you give to each and every egg. And also thank you, Programmers, for being patient with our ideas (both the good and the less-than-good).


We are proud to present to you ’Egg!’ – 100% handcrafted.

- Tracie