Designing the 'Egg!' Logo

Salutations! I’m sure you all read our first awesome ‘Egg!’ blog post already by Nix Hydra’s very talented artist, Lasha. If not, go read it. Her process pics and finished art are super awesome and worth taking a look at.

For this blog post, I chose to talk about the process that went into designing the ‘Egg!’ logo. Making a game logo takes a long time, mainly because a logo design needs a lot of input from everyone on the team, like marketing, design and even the CEO!

To make sure I cover a lot of bases quickly, I start by sketching a few rough designs. I wanted the logo design to feel whimsical and light, but still feel like it could be made from tangible materials like wood. One of the core elements I wanted to include was an egg or an egg shape, so I tried several different ways to include that in my ideation sketches. As I sketched, I ended up moving away from including an actual egg and more towards warping the text into subtle egg shapes. Working closely with the Art Director on ‘Egg!,’ I picked two sketches that had interesting elements, but would still read when made super small.

Next came my favorite parts: polishing an idea and giving it color. I ended up combining the egg-shaped letters from one of my sketched ideas and the bouncing egg from the other. As I painted, it became more and more apparent that the logo needed a backing so that it would stand out against any colored background. That’s when I added the cloud and made the lettering slightly smaller. At this point, my poor computer started to hate me due to the sheer number of layers my logo files contained. Note to future self: include color iterations in separate Photoshop files.

While creating UI elements, context is extremely important. Painting elements in the context they appear makes them feel like they belong with the rest of the art on the screen. While I was painting the logo, I included the ‘Egg!’ splash screen for context since that was where players would see it most often. This influenced what colors I chose while painting so that the logo would still stand out against the background art while not using some completely out-of-whack color scheme. We ended up changing this later, which led to another final color iteration to make the logo "pop" more.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed checking out this inside scoop on how we designed the logo for ‘Egg!’ and I hope you come back for future blog updates!