Egg Creative Process!

Hey there!  This is my first time blogging for the official Nix Hydra development blog and I’m hyped to share some of the thought processes on how I go about creating some of the fun eggs you can raise + hatch in our game 'Egg!' In this post I’ll use one of my favorite eggs as an example on how I go from concept to final on eggs!

Usually the process starts out with a lot of brainstorming and just scribbling once I get a prompt/direction to work with from the big egg bosses and the design team. In this case it would be the Sundae Egg!  A delicious prompt to work with and to create~ I mean who DOESN’T love ice cream??  

When drawing out the possible egg creations I usually try to work on both the body and eyes of the eggs at the same time to get a sense of the egg as a whole then refine the two as it gets closer to finalizing. For the egg’s eyes I was stuck between cherry shaped eyes with stem eyelashes or some squishy jellybean shaped eyes with tiny sprinkle freckles under the eyes.  I drew up some sketches on how those eyes could possibly work/express the emotions the egg needs to convey.  Its important for me to sketch out the eye expressions before settling on something right away to make sure it can express the emotions I need it to without making it look awkward or weird.

For the body, since this was a sundae egg there were many flavors of ice cream to choose from!  The possibilities were endless!!  I wanted to stick to something classic that almost everyone was familiar with…the Neapolitan ice cream!  A beautiful combination of the classic trifecta of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors! 

In 'Egg!'  there is a main egg for each type you see on the adoption screen but when you choose to adopt the egg there are 3 other egg body variations of the same type to choose from! ( talk about variety~ ).  So I decided that having a 3-flavored Neapolitan egg as the main look and having the 3 flavors split as its own individual body type would be super fun to choose from when adopting this egg as your own! 

I tried to experiment with different types of head toppings as well but the top two that I debated over was a whipped cream topping with sprinkles or a drippy drizzle of hot fudge on its head…a more common topping found on sundaes if you ask me.

After going back and forth with my AD (art director) the whipped cream topping with sprinkles was the way to go!  We were still very unsure about which eyes to go with for the final version for this egg but after 300 years of discussing this some more we decided that the egg looked best with the squishy jellybean shaped eyes!  All that was left was refining, tweaking, and bringing this egg to final!

So there you have it!  Even though this egg was pretty mild from sketch to final most of the egg making process is just a lot of trial and error so to speak.  Pretty much just trying to find the right balance and keep it all cute and sugary, especially for this egg in particular haha~   Anyways, I hope you liked this sort of “sneak peek” into my egg work and seeing some of their early concept sketches from start to finish!

I hope to share/blog more for y’all in the future! (  # • ᴗ < #)

- Lasha